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injected soles

injected soles - L.C.M.  s.r.l.  SUOLIFICIO
a perfect anti-glide solution:   leather soles with injected rubber, personalized with our own and customers exclusive prints

platform and sewing

platform and sewing - L.C.M.  s.r.l.  SUOLIFICIO

details for a golden touch:   brazilian rubber, rubber or hide platform with moccasin sewing

two-coloured soles

two-coloured soles - L.C.M.  s.r.l.  SUOLIFICIO

to create optical effects:   contrasting colours on side, pointing out reliefs

painted soles

painted soles - L.C.M.  s.r.l.  SUOLIFICIO
dyed soles for particular fashion requirements:   painted leather soles, by hand or barrel

fashion vanguard

fashion vanguard - L.C.M.  s.r.l.  SUOLIFICIO
exclusive ideas for a distinguished look: fully finished sole, complete with platform, breasted stacked heel and exclusive hide colour

shaped and coloured soles

shaped and coloured soles - L.C.M.  s.r.l.  SUOLIFICIO
soles to grace a ladies shoe:   colours created exclusively for the customer

casual ideas

casual ideas - L.C.M.  s.r.l.  SUOLIFICIO
light soles for a female hobby look:   alternative look with micro and rubber