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About us

description of our company

Quality and service are the pillar elements of our efficiency. The success of  Suolificio L.C.M. s.r.l   is the result of long tradition, flexibility, constant innovation, attentiveness to the needs of the fashion world, design and project of the product, variety of colours and used materials, newest equipment, solidity of the management, all supported by a young and motivated team.

Thanks to the large experience, L.C.M. distinguishes itself by the power to offer a product fully satisfying the requirements of customers. The company is able to suggest different solutions of products and manufacture, as for example:
fully-hide leather sole, injected sole, single-block solutions as for example fully finished sole with breasted heel stacked covered, wedge, platform, micro and more ...

The union of these peculiar features symbolizes the essential elements to satisfy our important customers of shoe manufacturer, including the leading fashion brands of the international fashion catwalk.

description of our company - L.C.M.  s.r.l.  SUOLIFICIO